Our Story

My name is Athena & I am the founder & maker behind Plant Bloom Essentials. My love for herbs & non-toxic beauty drives my inspiration behind Plant Bloom Essentials. It was my own skincare & health journey coupled with many years of experience working in the spa industry & working alongside an herbalist that led me to my path of creating a skincare line that I am proud to share with you.

Not too long after I fell in love with holistic medicine and natural skincare products, I started creating products for myself using raw natural ingredients. As, a person who always had acne growing up, I quickly saw a tremendous difference in how my skin reacted with non-toxic skincare & continued to make my own products for years. I knew that one day I would share my creations with others!

I strive to motivate others & lend a helping hand along the way. If I can play a role in helping women see past their fears & insecurites so they can live out their dreams unapologetically, it brings me honor. In addition, seeing other women  succeed brings me an immense amount of joy and I hope that I can use this platform to appalud you on! 

Caring beyond our own selves is incredibly important and facilitates beauty beyond skin deep. With every purchase, we donate a portion of proceeds to nonprofits working to rescue & restore victims of human trafficking. When you purchase from us, you are supporting a cause that we are very passionate about. 

The mission at Plant Bloom Essentials is to formulate non-toxic products that will truly help with varying skin concerns while cultivating a positive community through uplifting those around us. Plant Bloom Essentials lets your natural & inner beauty bloom. When we are our true, authentic selves, this makes us beautiful!


Thank you for your support - I am so grateful I get to share what I enjoy doing with you. I am dedicated to your skincare and self-care journey! 

All the best,